We are pleased to announce that  Dassault Systemes has acquired Pinpoint from Tuscany.  Pinpoint development, sales and support operations are now part of Dassault Systemes Corporation (www.3ds.com).

Dassault Systemes is excited to now have Pinpoint as part of its semiconductor design collaboration solution.  The globalization of semiconductor design is requiring design teams to reinvent the way that they collaborate.  Email, screenshots, and “throwing the design over the wall” are no longer effective means of communication between designers.  Intelligent ways of sharing design data are needed to facilitate collaboration amongst members of globally dispersed design teams. Designers need “Instant ON” access to the latest design data to make informed design decisions, without the need to invoke expensive design tools and wait for the latest version of a design to load.  RTL designers and physical designers need to be able to communicate effectively with each other without having to be experts in each other’s design domains or design tools.  Pinpoint provides a level of Design Intelligence that has been missing from semiconductor design flows to enable collaborative design.

Existing Pinpoint clients will now benefit from integrations into Dassault Systemes semiconductor solutions and support from its worldwide network.  Pinpoint will be integrated with Dassault Systemes leading design data management and IP management solutions to provide a comprehensive collaborative design environment.  Pinpoint R&D will be integrated with Dassault Systemes R&D to provide an expanded development team for leading edge semiconductor solutions.

Tuscany Design Automation develops and markets structured placement and visualization solutions for integrated circuit (IC) design that help engineers achieve higher performance chips—such as microprocessors, graphics, DSP designs — at 65nm, 45nm, and below. The company’s technology provides web-enabled collaboration, access, and implementation to the various groups and disciplines in the design team, helping them to better manage, optimize, and reliably close designs. Tuscany Design also accelerates existing physical design flows by providing extensive visualization and rapid what-if analysis for CPU/DSP, cores, and other blocks using a structured design methodology. Tuscany Design is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, with offices in Silicon Valley.