designer's platform

Tired of obtaining EDA tools only to find out that you have to hack your way around just to get them to work? We were, too. When Tuscany started, we decided that we needed to return the power to the engineer for easily extending or building tools. Our “secret sauce," the Designer's Platform nicknamed "Badger" gives us a competitive edge for the tools that we create but we’re making it available to our customers so that you, too, can reap the benefits in a very easy-to-extend platform for building EDA tools.

The Designer’s Platform

Designer's Platform

Badger Platform is the next generation EDA platform for developing custom design tools. A substantial advance in EDA platforms, Badger comes with significant innovations that improve the return on investment for EDA customers. Its breath and depth of capabilities makes it an appropriate platform for many types of EDA applications for customers that need a unified design methodology. Badger makes it easier than ever before to build custom applications that are more robust, reliable, deployable, and manageable.

Who Uses Badger

Badger is used by design and CAD engineers that need to gain a competitive design advantage by developing, integrating, and deploying their own EDA applications. Badger is a stable platform that enables engineers to implement proprietary design algorithms on a foundation that has the required high capacity and performance, as well as supporting industry standard file formats.

Create the Plugin

Today, designers want EDA software that is extensible, faster, higher capacity, and visually intuitive. With the Badger Designer Platform, developers can quickly read in design (hierarchal and/or flat), library, and technology data into a data model and access it through a programmable interface. Using Badger’s API (function calls), designers are able to code and debug Badger Plugins (Perl, Python, or Tcl scripts) quickly.


Badger makes it easy to connect to third party applications and integrate it into any point in your design flow. It comes with robust readers and writers that support industry standard file formats (Verilog, Liberty, LEF, and DEF), and a rich set of function calls that can be accessed through the Perl or Tcl extension languages.


Badger Platform makes deploying and maintaining your custom applications easier than ever before. Engineers can easily fine tune their local design flow and then provide a unified and consistent design methodology to the rest of the design team wherever they are.